Thursday, August 24, 2006

Assignment #2 over

Well the due date for our chest of drawers assignment was today. We were told that in order to be considered finished, we had to have the carcass and at least one drawer done. Not many in the class got this done. But I am a firm believer in dead lines. I had yet to not finish a project on time here. And this time I finished technically, but I only got 2 drawers done. I wish I had gotten the third done. But man I couldn't believe how much is involved in carcass furniture. We had just about 4 weeks to due this project. But that was in between art classes and other classes that we have. So a typical week we have about 3 of the 5 days to work on our projects. So this piece was built in 12 days. So I guess when I look at it like that not getting the final drawer done isn't that bad.

Now we get right into ( or as the Aussie say "stuck into" ) our hall table project. This is the last project of the year. With this project the design is completely up to us. So this is the one that I have been looking forward to. My design was influenced by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. He used a lot of geometrical shapes and cut outs in his furniture. If I can I'll try to post a picture of the CAD designs that I have made. Anyways until next time.

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big tizzle said...

K-dog, all these pieces look as smooth and as nice as my jumpshot. Looks like you're dovetailing and planing with the best of 'em. Jamie likes your stuff too, and she has an eye for that kind of thing. Uh, where do we place orders?