Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hall Table Design

Well this week was spent working on the final design for my hall table. There were a lot of hours spent on CAD and rendering programs trying to get a final look at what the final design will look like.

The table is heavily influenced by a few people. But let me explain a little about the table. Our brief was to make and design a hall table that didn't look like your typical hall table. We also have to incorporate a second material other than wood somewhere into he design.

So I wanted my design to challenge the preconceived notions of a hall table. The first thing I thought of was not to have 4 traditional legs. So I came up with the idea of having 2 frames in the front and 1 bigger frame in the back. So I think it gives the appearance of not having 4 legs, but it actually is sitting on more ground space. Looking unstable, but being very stable. This look came from the Uno Chair that I built earlier this semester. The back of that chair was a frame. That chair was designed by Neil Erasmus.

Then I was turned on to Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Who was an architect and a designer. There was one piece that struck me. If you look at his furniture there is a recurring theme of geometrical shapes, which is what I am trying to use in the back frame of my table. We shall see how it all works out. This project will take up the next 10 weeks. So I'll post the progress.

Well we have this next week off for break. And we are heading up to the northern east coast of Tasmania, to a place called The Bay of Fire. We are going to do some camping now that the weather is getting nicer. So until next time.

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