Monday, November 19, 2007

You are cordially invited...

So my mom got in the weekend and is here for the next few weeks. Which is really nice. We spent the weekend in the rental car driving all over this little Island. It was a lot of fun just going places. Not even planning what it was we were going to do. We just got in the car and went places. We left on Saturday morning at 10.00am and got home Saturday night at about 10.00 pm. Then did the same thing on Sunday. I tell you what I am tired of driving.

But I took my mom into the school today to give her the 10 minute tour. And I was happy to see 5 of my fellow students hard at work making all the plinths that I planned out last week. Hopefully they will get the easy ones done by tomorrow and then it's up to me to get the rest of them done. I think that they haven't gotten that fear in them yet, the show is next Friday night. Yeah I know that is roughly 2 weeks away. But we have to start setting up on Wednesday next week. That's only week away. So there is a lot to be done. The catalogues have gone out to the printers and the invitations are going to be sent out by tomorrow. We have to finish building and painting all the plinths. Make sure all the catering is done and ready, get all the booze for everyone. I really can't wait until it's all over.

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