Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well there's not to much to update on. I have a cold, my mom comes into town on Friday. Still working on the show ( that I already wish was over ). This thing is becoming a monster, right now we are planning the plinths for everything to sit on. We ordered about 1000.00 dollars worth of MDF yesterday. It all showed up today. Now I am making cut lists for each plinth that needs to be made. I hope to get that done tomorrow and then hand it off to someone else to make, while I spend some time with my wife and kid and mother.

This weekend a lot of my furniture is in an exhibition here in Tasmania. It was a last minute thing, but I guess this show is about a book about the area. And it is being released at this show. But I was told today that I am not invited to the opening. In fact none of the artist on display are invited to the opening. I guess only the elite and the rich are invited. But I don't hopefully they will buy my stuff.

Until next time my friends... Stay tuned changes are on the horizon.

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