Friday, October 5, 2007

Weekend is here have a can of Gingerbeer...

Man am I looking forward to this weekend. Two reasons, and break from building and the quarter finals of The Rugby World Cup start.

You all know from the last post what the week entailed for me. Today was no different, I spent the morning in my Computer rendering class. With some good success I think. What do you think?

Then I went back to the school to finish up my torsion boxes that I told you all about. I first had to cut the foam into pieces to fit the individual sections. Then I glued them into place, and it was of to the drum sander. I had to send them through a few times to get them all the same thickness. But that all work like I planned it to. I then cut the top skin put some glue down and laid the tops on and stacked loads of MDF on top to weigh it all down.

So week one is done, and only 3 weeks of build and finishing time left. Lots of work to be done, but for know there's lots of Rugby to be watched. Go All Blacks

Until next time people.... Time for that Ginger Beer.

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