Thursday, October 4, 2007

Solid lipping and more solid lips...

So I know it's been almost a week since the last update. And man has it been a busy one. The week started with finishing up all my drawings and my cut list. Once that was done then it was on. I spent a day cutting up all the MDF for all the dividers and inner cabinets and the rail in the back and the front and back doors.

Next I decided that I wanted to make the outer frame or carcass a more substantial thickness. But I really worried about weight, this thing is 2 meters long which is about 6 feet. And it's about 18 inches wide and 2 feet tall. So I wanted to make it about 1 1/2 inches thick. But man would that be heavy. So I thought about it for a little bit. Then came to the conclusion that I would build the outer frame as a torsion box. But not your normal torsion box, because that would still be pretty heavy. So I am going to be using a Styrofoam core torsion box. I don't actually have any pictures of that yet. The foam gets here tomorrow, so I will have them for the weekend update. But I made a small sample box, and man is it strong as. I jumped up and down on it with all 255 pounds of me. And it didn't dent a bit.

So that is how I spent Monday, building the beginnings of the torsion box and cutting all the components. The next 3 days I have been cutting solid lipping for all the components. Then I had to attach them. So to do this meant to cut miters on every piece. Then I would use the disc sander with a 45 degree guide and just touch up the cuts and size the pieces so that they fit perfectly. Man that took about a day longer than I thought it would. But it was really nice, just working and not having to talk to anyone and not be bothered either.

So tomorrow I'll finish the torsion box and then have to apply the solid lipping to those pieces. Then comes the fun part, veneering. But I'll talk about that next week.

So until next time people.... I have to go Hero's is about to start.

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