Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don't give me any Lip

Well I finally finished lipping all the pieces to this unit. It only took about 4 days. With that said I did do other things in between as well. I didn't spend an entire 4 days just doing that. But I did lip all the MDF panels and then thickness sand them through the drum sander. So that everything comes out even.

This morning I spent about 4 hours stitching, that's right I said stitching. Since this entire project is going to be veneered, I had to stitch together all the veneer that I am going to use. That meant first jointing both edges straight. Then with a bit of masking tape I had to put the pieces together. Then on the "Show Side" of the veneer I applied the veneer tape. I had to stitch together 3 pieces at a time, and there were 36 pieces to do. Needless to say it took a little while. But it was like meditation, once you got into the rhythm it was really nice. Plus I picked a nice quite spot in the school to use. Which is a lot harder to actually do than it sounds. So first thing tomorrow I start veneering the parts. I hope to get everything veneered by Monday next week. Because time is flying, From Monday there is only 2 weeks of build and finishing time left.

So until next friends... spider-pig spider-pig doing whatever it is that a spider-pig can do.

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