Friday, September 28, 2007

Monday we start working...

So like last week this week has been a lot of design work still. But that ended today with a final presentation of our design. I finally settled on making an entertainment center. This unit will have some modular elements to it. Inside the cabinet there will be 3 if not 4 separate smaller cabinets that will be movable and removable. They will be able to hold components and DVDs.

The front will have 2 doors that slide along the length of the cabinet. This allows you to put the doors anywhere you want. Also there will be 2 sliding back panels for the same purpose.

We were to be inspired by something Australian. I choose the fact that I think that the people here are a very industrious people. They are hard working and have a very hands on approach to things. So this piece gives the user a chance to move things around and set it up the way that they like. The inspiration was meant to be subtle.

But I get to start work on Monday. Which will be nice, since there is a lot of work to be done. I will be using veneer for the entire piece. Which means a lot of work, putting solid lipping on all the boards. Then just making veneer lay-ons will take a good many hours. Especially sense I plan to do a random veneer pattern on the front sliding doors. We shall see how it all goes. Believe me there will be lots of updates and photos during this project. So keep coming back for more.

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