Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sliding Doors and stuff...

Well so faar this week has been good. The class decided to work late tonight, but I worked a normal day and came home. I'm a firm believer that if you plan right and put in a full days work, you'll get everything done. With that said, I didn't plan right, because I haven't gotten the 4 cabinets that go on the inside of the main cabinet done yet. But I realized this about 3 weeks ago and made plans with the lecturer. Those will get done next week.

But as for yesterday and today, a lot has happened. We use this finishing oil here from a company called Livos. They produce the only finishing oil endorsed by Green Peace. It is an oil that is 100% natural. It's derived from plants. So recently they introduced a colored oil range. So that you can use it like a stain. So I decided to use a Dark Walnut color on my case. I've used Blackwood veneers, and Blackwood is a lot like Koa wood from Hawaii. So it is a brown wood, but not really a drak wood. I wanted to make it a little darker. This oil is the finishing oil with color. So I really don't think it made a huge difference in the overall color of the wood. But the piece has come out dark like I wanted.

Today I fit the doors into there sliding grooves and cut out the handles. So the doors work like a charm and they can be removed if needed. So I'll get them on there tomorrow for good and continue oiling. At the moment I have 4 coats of oil on. I have never had enough time to every get more than 2 coats on before. And man it builds so nicely and is looking really sweet.

I also got 4 ball and socket casters to put on the bottom so that the whole piece can be easily moved around. So those will get installed tomorrow and "Bob's you Uncle"

So until then... "Bob's your Uncle" means Then it'll be all good.

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