Saturday, October 13, 2007

Veneer have you been...

This was a pretty good week. I think that I got a lot done. But no where near as much as I hoped to. The veneering process takes a lot longer than I thought it would. So what did I get done this week. Well most of you have seen the other post. I finally got all the solid lipping on all the pieces. That was a huge feet.

I also finished veneering the entire outer carcass this week. I took that as a huge win for the week. This means that while other pieces are in the vacuum press I can cut joinery on the outer case and get it ready for glue up. I've decided to use a 2 part cross-linking PVA glue. It's a glue that gives me a little more open time than regular yellow wood glue. But it dries just as fast. So I can put something into the presses and take it out within 2 hours. Then once out of the press, it cures. I needed to use this glue for time reasons. It means I can rotate pieces fast. I don't have the luxury of time these days. With only 2 weeks of build time left. Things have to move fast.

So the goals for next week: Get the outer carcass together and glued up. Finish veneering all the pieces. Hopefully get the inner cabinets made. But at the moment that is a second thought.

So until next time all... Remember only you can prevent forest fires...

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