Friday, September 21, 2007

What I love about Design...

What I love about design is how fast it changes. When I say love I really mean HATE. I entered the day with what I thought was a good idea. I left a group critique while many doubts. Not from my fellow students, but from the head of school. I always appreciate his input, but he loves to ask why? Why did you do it like that or this part like this? Sometimes I really just want to say because I like it that way. But in the design world you can't say that. You have to be able to justify why you are doing it a certain way. I left school today with the same feeling that I had during my chair project. Which weren't good feelings. I was really frustrated with everything.

With that said I came home and had a good play with my little boy, ate and good dinner and took a little break. Then I picked up my sketch pad and drew something that I think puts the other concept to shame.

These cabinets were made by a guy names Roy Schack. He is a designer maker here in Australia. My concept is based of these cabinets. But they will become modular and be able to stack and be laid down on there sides and become an entertainment center or desk. So I will present this new idea on Monday. Cross your fingers for me.

Until then...

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