Thursday, September 20, 2007

Going Design Crazy....

So this week has been really good. Neil showed up on Monday, it is really good to have him back in the building. With that said this week has been a lot of drawing. As always I started the week with one idea and now I have a completely different idea. I started the week designing a dresser. The dresser had asymmetric drawer sizes. That progressed to a display case that was hung from the wall. Then that idea progressed to a wall hung entertainment center. Well the final idea has stayed with an entertainment center. But it is no longer wall hung.

I don't know if any of you remember the mirror that I made last year. The mirror had two frames that were mounted to the wall. Then the mirror itself hung from the frames. Well this entertainment center has the same approach. There will be two arms that lean against the wall, at the top there will be a pivot point which is connected to a frame work. When I say frame work I mean some sort of lattice type work. But this frame work will hang from these arms. Then I plan to build 4 different types of cabinets. All being different in size and shape. But these cabinets will have a fastener that will connect them to the frame.

The idea behind this design is that you the owner will have the freedom to arrange each box in any fashion that you can think of. Giving the buyer design ownership of the piece. I know that it's hard to imagine the piece, I plan on having some drawings and maybe a rendering of it soon.

Also some potential good news. I recent found out about a show in Sydney for a design magazine called "inside". Anyways they are calling for student work, so I submitted my stool and chair. They want to display both with 6 extras of each for possible sales. Anyways I told them that I could not supply 6 chairs. But I could do the stools. They will pay for the shipping from Tassie to Sydney. So I had to provide them a shipping estimate and then they will get back to me about everything. They need to make sure that the shipping will fit into there budget. So fingers crossed on this one.

So until next time everyone... 60% of the time, it works everytime

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