Saturday, September 15, 2007

I reckon my renderings are getting better...

Well there are a few new things that I thought I would try. First, there is a new feature offered from Firefox, that allows you to see what I am listening to while I post. Whatever song that I am listening to while I am writing. So we'll see if it works.

Second, I thought I would post a few new pictures of the things that I am learning in my elective class this semester. I have chosen to do photo realistic rendering as my final project. So currently I am trying to just design and few pieces of furniture and make them look good.

What so you think? I know that they are small, but do the look realistic at all? Anyways the dresser in the pictures is one that I am thinking of developing and making for my final project. It's a very asymmetrical piece. There are a total of 7 seven drawers in the piece, most of which are not the same size. Anyways we'll see. Have a good weekend all, Monday is the beginning of the end for me here at school. But no need to think about that now, I still a little less than 3 months left.

So until next time... Don't cry for me Argentina, just keep kicking butt in the rugby world cup.


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roentarre said...

I like the first arrangment shown above. Great work