Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Exhibition 2 opening night over....

Well tonight was the second of what will be 3 exhibitions in less than a week. This one was called "HindSight '07" It was a exhibition for the current work from all the students. As second years we exhibited our chairs and the first years exhibited there mirrors. Thus the name HindSight. It was a really good opening. I think that the mailing list from the University isn't the crowd that comes to these shows and buys things. No one got any sales from the opening, but it will be on for the next 2 weeks.

But the best news came during the opening of the show. They made an announcement that there were some awards to given out. They gave a few awards to local students. I guess they were classified as scholarships. But they gave one scholarship to an International student. It was classified as International Academic Achievement Award. And as you most likely have guessed I was awarded this scholarship. What came as a better surprise is the amount, it was a scholarship for 8000.00 dollars. This is an incredible blessing for me and my little family. This is going to pay for the last semester of school here. Which leave us with some money hopefully to come home with and start up again.

The final exhibition is tomorrow night. So I will take some pictures of that and some better ones of this one and post them by Friday. The photos from tonight aren't that good. I also will a short video of the exhibition.

So until then.... I can't think of any witty sayings it's to late, good night

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