Friday, July 6, 2007

Exhibition 1 over

Well the first exhibition of this next week or so happened last night and it was really good. It would have been better if I could report that I was 7000.00 dollars richer. But that's not the case nor did I expect it. My fellow student Jye Edwards won the emerging artist award of 500.00 dollars so CONGRATS to him.

It was a really well done exhibition. Held in a beautiful old barn, but very well laid out and set up. I was really good to set up. There were quick a few people there. But what I liked the most was meeting some of the other artist/markers.

The evening didn't last to long for Jana, Kai and I. At about 7.00pm Kai really wanted to go to bed. I guess some parents would love there kid to tell them when they want to go to bed. With Kai it's about 6.45 every night. But he was a bit wound up from the excitement of the hotel room.

I hope you aren't tried of seeing my stool, if you are well I'm sorry it's my blog. But I haven't posted any pictures of the new model, and these are pictures from the show. Well from the day after the opening, when nobody was around and you could actually see all the work.

Also we are official. (click it on the side bar)

Is officially open. Although there are a few problems at the moment and some major updates coming soon( things like more gallery pictures and a link to this blog and a resume page). But at the moment the major things are the intro wasn't compatible. And my buddy who is doing the hosting for me (once again on side bar) changed the name of my homepage to the correct name, but that has screwed up my links from at the pages. So the problem is when you leave the homepage, if you try to get back , well you can't. That will be taken care of soon.

So until then my friends... Transformers, there more than meets the eye

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