Wednesday, June 27, 2007

News Update

Well I just found out that my stools almost didn't make it down to the show. I guess what happened was the guy that was going to take them down, ended up not getting his work done. So another fellow student ran them down for me. So a special thanks goes out to Tristen Fields for saving the day. I owe him dinner or something.

I also finally heard back for a gallery here in Tasmania called IXL, they seem to be interested in my stools as well. So I hope that comes through.

I also there school has just put out a newletter with a few nice words about me and my stools. Just go the schools site and click on the newletter.

I spent the day yesterday going to Bungadore Woodworks Gallery, and have to say that I wasn't really impressed. They are the leading gallery here in Australia, but there product seemed very dated and to traditional. After that we went to the nations capital here, Canbera. We got a personal tour through Parlament house by Jono Everret. If you remember he was our first teacher this year. It was really good to talk to him again. He is a very encourging person.

Well I'm on the plane back to Tassie tomarrow. Can's wait to see the family and relax a little before the next big wave of projects comes up. I do have what I think to be a really cool idea for our cabinet module. I have had a great time up here in Sydney and have to thank Tracy and Max for the wonderful time. If you are here in Austarlia and are looking for anything to be made or would like to take some woodworking classes, give them a call. Just click the link to there website on the side bar.

Until next time folks. Remember tired drivers die!

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