Friday, June 29, 2007

Back to reality..

Well it's good to be home. All though it is really cold down here in Tassie. But it is great to be back with the family. It was also nice to have a good shave again. I thought I would experiment and let the beard grow for awhile. Well these pictures are as long as it got. I had to cut it back, I couldn't take it anymore.

I thought I would share the project that I was working on for the time I was in Sydney. Tracy is trying to get a couple of lines of furniture started. So I spent the week building a prototype of a coffee table for her. I actually made the frame, while a fellow student Fiona Perry veneered the tops.

The table is a really contemporary design that I really like. It's very asymmetrical. All the frame piece have a 5 degree taper on them. This was achieved by building to jigs, one with a 5 degree slant. Which you placed the piece of wood on and sent it through the planer. Then there was another 5 degree sled that was added on top of the other sled and then the wood was flipped over and sent through again. Thus giving us a 5 degree taper on both sides of the table.

The entire table was built using the Festool Domino system. And man is that a cool tool. This tool is going to make building furniture so much faster.

The table frame is made of Australia Blackbute, the top is walnut veneer.

I have a couple of videos that I am going to post here soon. I have a little editing to do. One is of Tracy's workshop and the other is a short film on my stools. I hope to get those up sometime this weekend.

So until then.. don't forget to have your pets spade or neutered.

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wanders said...

Great table, Kaleo! And welcome home.