Friday, April 13, 2007

It's official..

Well today it became official. I delivered my stools to The Design Centre. And they will be officially displayed as of Monday. I have to say that this is a pretty cool feeling. I know that it will be even cooler when they sell.(if they sell) But you know what as cool as it would be, hey if they never sell at least I can now say I have a piece displayed at a major gallery. My Resume now reads Kaleo Kala with pieces displayed in The Design Centre Gallery in Australia. I guess I should put Tasmania, but man Australia looks and sounds much cooler.

I spent the day making my own plywood out of veneers for some more seats for more stools. I guess I am being a little optimistic, just in case. Also I took some nice photos with the back drop down. I am getting everything together to get my application in for this juried exhibition in Hobart. The application has to be in by next Friday, or as the say here in Australia Friday week.

Anyways for those of you that have asked to be signed up for the email alerts please let me know if they work. Some of you I just signed up because I thought you wouldn't mind and anyways your friends and I don't care if you don't want to read my blog, read it anyways. I would read yours if you all had one.


Anonymous said...

Well done Kaleo. I should be down in July. I hope theve sold by then but if they haven't then I can say I saw your work in a gallery!


Chris J

Thomas said...

hope the stools sell ya wanker.


BY THE WAY: Australians cant swim faster than us good old Americans.

Michael Phelps is a fish.