Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Well it's finally done. I spent the last 3 days sanding and touching up and oiling and repainting that then oiling again. Only to find that I missed a spot and had to sand back and reapply paint, only then to oil again. I'll tell you this, I will never paint again. It has been a nightmare. But I have it done in time for the exhibition, and that was the goal. Only other 1st year student finished there table. Although there are still 3 unofficial weeks left in the semester. So I guess they could get them done. But we had the critique yesterday and the grading happened.

So anyways let me give you the write up about my table.

Wanting to challenge the look and feel of a traditional hall table I embarked on designing something unique, something that you might not have seen before. Not wanting to have 4 distinct legs, I turned to the design of the Uno chair by Neil Erasmus. Drawing from that chair, I decided to use frames as means to support the table. I was also turned on to Charles Rennie Mackintosh. His use of strong rectilinear shapes suited my own design aesthetic. This is where “Stark” was born. Named “Stark” for it’s stunning contrast between the ebonized Tasmanian Blackwood and the jaw dropping Huon Pine top. With this piece I wanted to let the design talk for itself and not let the timbers do all the talking. My desire was to have people be drawn in by the design and then notice the little beauties. Things like the beautiful bird’s eye huon pine top, the hand cut dovetails that cut ever so slightly through the front of the drawers. I especially want people to notice the back design and see the very intricate array of pieces that were each cut and hand fitted together individually, then left with a slight bevel on the front edges. All to subtly highlight the beautiful bird’s mouth joints.

Sounds pretty nice huh? Well it is pretty nice, there are somethings that I would change if I did it again. But for being the first major piece of furniture that I not only built, but completely designed, I am really happy with the results. I have already received really good feedback from it, the head of the school of architecture was in the other day and I overheard him tell my instructor that he thought it was just stunning. I hope all goes well Friday night at the exhibition. I'll let you all know. Until then


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Kaleo, something to be very proud of. If Neil doesn't give you top marks let me know and I'll ring him up. The exhibition should have an internet/popular voting scheme!

Chris Johnston

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the post modern design. It speaks to an era that is at one time classical yet full of light hearted whimsy. If I were that table I would be saying. Put something in my drawers. Ohh ohh put a cup on me....but use a coaster. He He He