Saturday, November 4, 2006

Almost there

This last week was a really long week. I think it has to do with the fact that I am completely tired of this project. All I have thought about for the last 8 weeks has been this bloody hall table. Now don't get me wrong I have enjoyed building it. But for the last week I have been so ready for it to be done.

But to report it is almost there. The project is due on Tuesday morning. And as of right now all I have left is to glue up one drawer and fit it in. And slap on a couple coats of oil and she will be DONE. So by Monday night, if I drank I would be at the pub celebrating.

As it look right now I will be the only person in the class to finish this project on time. The good thing about that is that I will be able to show this table at the Graduating students exhibition next Friday. This exhibition will be held at the Design Centre in Launceston, Tasmania, and will go for 2 weeks. So hopefully it will be a good experience. I'll post more on that next week. Here is the website address for the design centre ( )

This weekend there is a craft show in Deloraine here. It's said to be the biggest craft show in the southern hemisphere. We laugh because almost everything here is said to be the biggest in the southern hemisphere. I think that Australians forget about other huge countries like South Africa, Argentina, Chile and what about Brazil there are like 200 million people there to Australia's 20 million. Anyways, the school has a booth there and I am showing my box and "8" Table there. Which from what I here is getting a lot of interest. Because I priced it at 350.00 dollars.

Well I'll leave you now, until next week, be good have fun and don't forget to wash behind your ears.



Thomas vs. The Bucky Ball said...

Its a blody good day to be building my bloody table. Last night I watched G.I. Joe and Major Blood was my favorite character. I give blood to the bloody red cross. Blood is made of plasma, water and magical beans. Bloody good day to ya Govna.

Anonymous said...

Dove tail joints are wack. Wood glue and 3 in galvanized nails work much better.