Thursday, September 21, 2006

Presenting "8"

Well like last week this week has just flown by. I started this week to mill up all my timber for my hall table. The dimensions are 40 mm wide by 30mm thick. For those of you in America that converts to about 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/4 inches. I think, all I know is that I will be working in the metric system for the rest of my life. It is so much easier. Anyway, I finished planeing and thicknessing all of my timber and then I have to let it sit for at least a week. In order for it to do all the moving it is going to do. When you mill rough timber, it will move almost right away because you are relieving a lot of internal stresses in the timber. So I did all that on Monday. That left me the rest of the week to do something.

So I decided to make this:

I call it "8". The side table stands 550 mm tall and is 320 mm wide and 270 mm deep. It is made from Jarrah, which I had left over from my box that I made. Jarrah has to be one of my favorite timbers ever. It has such a beautiful dark red color to it. I also added a inlay of huon pine, which is a very blonde timber. It is very old and is only found here in Tasmania. Some of the huon pine trees date back as much as 3000 years old. On the top inlay the 4 piece meet in the middle and there is a 4 way miter joint there. Hard to take a picture of.

I call it "8" for 2 reasons. First because it has 8 legs that are pinned together with little pieces of huon pine. And secondly because it took me a little less than 8 hours to make.

Well hopefully next week I can start full steam ahead on my hall table. Thanks for looking.


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Gregg said...

Wow, bro! you're stuff looks dope as hell! I can't wait to work on your identity/marketing stuff for all of this! i'm proud of you, man!