Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Hall Table Progression

Well things have been really busy these week. I finally got started on my hall table. And when I say started I mean that I got to start making it. I guess I really started about 2 weeks ago. But with the timber sitting for the week, it feels like I just got really started. So I spent the week first planning out a timetable. The project is meant to be finished by the 7 of November. Which is about a month away.

So this week I got all the mortising and tenoning done and made the entire frame. I actually got it standing this weekend. Here are a few pictures of the table so far.

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Anonymous said...


Looks like you've made great progress. Are you happy that there is enough strength in the connnection between the side wings and the main section?

Are you still planning on attending the Melbourne WWW show?

Chris Johnston