Monday, December 10, 2007

It's a Blue... Blue Monday...

So this weekend was a nice relaxing one. With no pressures on, nothing really important to do. Had a really nice time at a Christmas party. I spent a few days in Sydney last week with my Mom before she left to go back home. We had a really good time walking around town, we went to the Naturally Australian Gallery. Where they had quite a bit of furniture from some big Aussie makers. They had 2 dining sets from Tony Kenway. They were a round table with 6 chairs and they were selling for 53,000 dollars. Crazy huh, I think the recent sold on set made from Huon Pine for 62,000.

I also received an email this weekend from a design magazine called OBJECT. They invite design schools to nominate 3 students to enter into a nationwide exhibition. So apparently I was nominated by my head of school. So now I have to put together a portfolio and send some pictures and apply to get in. They choose 18 people from around the nation to exhibit. So that would be cool, we'll see if it happens.

So with such a good weekend, why such a blue blue Monday? Well today I spent the major part of the day packing up my bench area at school. Now it's not the leaving the school that has made it a blue day. It is the fact that I had to pack away all my tools. I won't get the chance to see or even use them until I get home, which looks to be in April. That's close to 5 months. Now I hope you understand why it's a blue day.

I have some big news coming up in the next few weeks. So I hope that intrigues you all a little bit. I need to say thanks to a few of you that have left me comments. You know who you are, but they are very appreciated.

To answer a few of them, the book chair is just for displaying your books. Not really for sitting on. You can sit on it, but the seat and the back are at 90 degrees, so it might not be comfortable. I am surprised everyday at who I find out is reading. There are professional designer makers of fine furniture to magazine editors. No way would I have thought that this many people would be interested in anything that I had to say. So thank you all.

Until next time friends... Smiling is my favorite

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rookster said...

Five months with no tools. Wow, that is blue. I hope you've saved out a carving knife or something.