Thursday, December 13, 2007

Am I an exhibitionist???

So the show is coming to a close this week. I guess we have to go and pick up the stuff that hasn't sold. For some reason the gallery isn't calling any of the students to tell them that work has sold. But some guys have gone over there during the week and found red stickers on some of the tags, meaning that piece is sold. So I haven't been to see, but man I hope something sold. Because I just don't know what to do with my stuff.

Well in the last few days I have received emails about entering a few show, which is really cool. I all I've been doing is filling out applications and making CD's full of images, writing brief descriptions and mailing lots of stuff. Two of the shows that I've been asked to enter are here in Australia. One is for OBJECT magazine. ( I think I mentioned this one earlier.) The other is for The Australian Wood Review magazine and Bungadore Furniture Gallery, called Studio Furniture exhibition. The studio furniture show has 10,000 dollars in prize money. 5 g's for the top prize, 3 g's for second place and 2 g's for third place. Man any of those would be great, cross your fingers

The other show I heard about through the Furniture Society, it's called Multiplicity. It's a show about pieces of furniture geared toward production. So here's to hoping for the best.

Also, here a couple of shots of my stuff at the show. We had some professional shots taken for our post event coverage in a couple of magazines here. So these are mine.

So until next time all... Ohhhhhh Fffff udge... ( but I didn't say fudge, I said the queen mother of all swear words the F---)

Kudos to the one who knows where that came from... think people think

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Thanks for your kind compliment! I'm looking forward to spending some more time on your blog this afternoon.

Do you live in Fredricksburg?