Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let's Do it....

So what's going on world? Things are finally getting going here. This week so far has been all about painting and sanding and more painting. If I have to paint one more plinth I am going to throw something. But that all came to an end today. We rented a big truck and started to deliver things.

It's amazing how many plinths we actually made. I think we made about 40 plinth in all. Most of them were the same size, with a few exceptions. You'll see them all when I get the video up hopefully later this weekend. I've been taking real exciting footage of everything. OK not really, but it'll be good.

I tried something new yesterday. I waxed all me furniture. Now I have never done this before. But I didn't have the time to put more coats of oil on. So I used a good cannuba and paraffin wax mix. I like the feel it gives the furniture. But I'm not sure about the overall up keep. I mean the main benefit of oil finishes are that you can always fix them, by adding a new coat. But with a wax on top, that stops you from being able to do that unless you strip the wax off first. I don't think I will use wax in the future. But right now, I'm trying to sell everything that I made. Because I can't afford to bring it home. So hopefully the wax will make it all nice and shiny and someone will go WOW look how nice and shiny that cabinet looks and it's only 800.00, let's get it. ( I think I am living in a dream world right now ). But it can happen.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Here in Australia they don't celebrate Thanksgiving or even Halloween. So I forgot about it. Also the fact that it is the Christmas season and it's like 90 degrees outside. But I hope the holiday season is going well for you all.

Next time there should a great video on the show.

So until then friends.... Ghengis Khan Is My Homeboy

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rookster said...

Show us some pictures of the work! I'm reading all about these plinths and wondering what's going on them.

Good luck with the opening!