Thursday, August 16, 2007

Not much time left...

Well we are closing in on one week left to finish the cabinet. I think I have things under control. Let's see what has changed since the last time I posted about this.

1. I finally glued up one of the bases for the table. The one that doesn't have any frames or doors. I put the first coat of oil on that piece. It looks pretty good. Like I said I cut all the fingers and the tenons and mortises by hand. So out of the 60 mortises that I cut, I think about 40 of them are pretty good, 4 of them are ok and 6 are terrible. But live and learn.

2. I finished making the frames and the panels. I have to say here that the festool domino is the greatest. Instead of cutting a traditional mortise and tenon, I used the domino. Which meant I had to cut the frames pieces exactly to size and then zip-zip with the domino and there you have it, FRAMES. With the router table I cut the grooves for the panels to sit in and also rebated the panels so that they sit in flush.

3. Today, I struggled to figure out how I was going to layout the inside of my cabinet. The only stipulation is that we must have at least one drawer. So with my door folding down I am going to use stays to support it's weight. That meant that the drawer could not go from side to side. Because it wouldn't open because the stays would be in the way. So I devised this:

This is a miniature version of my table. Although the proportions are different. I made these 2 little frames that look just like the bases of my table. I used a off cut from the top itself to make a shelf. The shelf will sit inside the frames just like the table top will. The drawer will be housed inside the frames. The drawer will run on guides that will lift it off the bottom of the cabinet. This is because when the door is open it sits 20mm (3/4 of an inch) above the base of the cabinet. So the drawer wouldn't pull out.

So what's left. Well I have to glue the second base together, which I should get done tomorrow. Then I have to make the drawer and glue the frame into the cabinet and sand and finish the piece. If all goes well that should all happen by this time next week. I'll keep you all posted as I know you are on the edge of your seat.

By the way a few new things, I added a map at the bottom of the blog called Frapper, check it out. It lets you know where people are looking from. Sign up and you can see your name there along with all the other readers.

Next, if you don't already know there is a great audio podcast called Wood Talk Online. They have a website that I will put a link to on the side bar. I mention them because I was asked to write an article on my adventures here at school in Australia. It should be coming up on there website any day now. So I hope to become a contributor to this show and website. So check them out.

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