Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lazy weekend...

Well this week was just crazy. I spent almost every night out at the Uni try to get everything ready for a project that was due on Friday for my elective class. All went really well so I am happy. So this weekend will be a nice lazy one spent with the family.

Yesterday I got to spend some quality time on the overhead router. I think they are called pin routers in the states. It hasn't been a tool that I have spent much time on. But I needed to rout out all the mortises in my side pieces to accept the top shelves for the table top to sit on. Wanting to have the finger joints at the bottom I wanted the through mortises to match. Needless to say that cutting and paring 15-20 mortises per side of the cabinet has not been fun. But it is a good hand tool learning experience. Well I hope to have some updated photos early next week.

So until then... always leave them wanting more.

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