Friday, August 24, 2007

32 years young...

Well today was my birthday, I am 32 years young and getting older as we speak. It was a really good day today. I started the day out with a special birthday breakfast picked out by my 3 year old son. Yes that's right Fruit Loops. Then a great lunch was brought to school by my wife and son. After lunch came the critique for our cabinets.

We had a guest come in to help with the critique. His name was Rex Heathcote. He is a local furniture maker here in Tassie. He does really nice work and supplies all the galleries in the state and galleries interstate as well. But he was very helpful, sometimes as students we forget about the real world and leaving this environment and trying to make money. He reminded me at least of that. His comments about my table were all positive. He really liked the design and the fact that I had thought about making it a production piece. He told me that what makes the cabinet table is all the exposed joinery. Because it sets it apart from anything that you could from China.

Afterwards I had the chance to talk to him one on one. I asked if he might have any temporary jobs available between December and March. Because we are going to be here anyways, I might as well try to make some money. He told me when school is done to come by and see him. I told him that I would sand for 8 hours a day, if it meant working in the furniture industry and making some money. So let's hope that works out.

I will be taking some better pictures of the table on Monday. So I will post them then. But to tide you over until then- I give you The Gingerbread Haka

The Haka is a ritual dance done by the Maori people. At the beginning of all the rugby games in which The New Zealand All Blacks play in they start the game with the Haka. This is the what they do, but only done by gingerbread men.

So until then... please to be enjoying the Haka


eric said...

happy birthday.... :)

eric said...

happy birthday. :)