Friday, July 27, 2007

What a week..

Man has it been a long week. I have meant to write a couple of updates during the week, but the time seems to not be there. I sometimes think I can't wait to get back to the real world. But truthfully speaking, I know the real world is going to be alot worse than this.

The week started with completing some shop drawings and choosing some timber. To try to avoid a hugh bottle neck in the work shop I tried to get some machining done. So I got all the timber, some really nice Tasmanian Mrytle and some Celery-Top Pine and went to town on the jointer and the thicknesser. I think I used half the forest in the making of my top. I wanted the top to be about 38 mm thick ( 1 1/2 inches), but I was really concerned about wood movement. And sense the top is just got to lay in there and be modular, it has to fit nice but not get stuck. So what I decided to do was take some regular back sawn boards and cut them into 44 mm strips and then turn them on there edges and glue them together. Like you would make a bench top, thus making the top quarter sawn timber. I also got to play with the school's new Domino. Man I love that tool. That took me most of Tuesday to do.

Then I found 2 really nice 300mm (12') wide boards of Mrytle. This would allow me to make all the components for the 2 bases units and the frames. The panels came out of the off cuts for the top that were glue in the same manner as the top and then resawed in half to form the panels for my frames. That took up most of Wednesday and part of Thursday. Along with 2 elective classes that we have to take for our degree that was the week.

Alot of late nights and not enough sleep. Reminds me of working in the real world. But that is going to come soon enough. With that said I will be job hunting here soon, hoping to starting something next year around March or April, I know that is pretty far out still. But it never hurts to get the word out. If anyone knows or maybe is looking for someone, around then please let me know.

Until next time... eat those veggies and play nice

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