Saturday, June 16, 2007


Well D-day came and went without a hitch. Everything went according to plan. I guess you could say that I planned it that way. I delivered the set of 4 stools to the gallery. They were extremely happy because I got them done quickly. I did them in 3 weeks from the day they ordered them. They told me that usually they tell the buyer 4-6 weeks and by the 8th week the buyer starts to worry. So the fact that I got them done quickly makes the gallery look good.

I also got 2 stools done for the exhibition. And I got them all crated and ready for delivery. I have to thank a fellow student for helping me out.

Well it's off to Sydney and to Tracy Gumm's workshop and the Sydney Wood show. I hope to take some good videos of the show and Tracy's shop. But I won't be updating anything until next month most likely. So please be patient and I promise some good stuff then.

Via con Dios

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