Saturday, May 26, 2007

What a great day it has been.

Well I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a good weekend. Having had a OK week, trying to get Nalu 2.0 worked out. I made some seats out of plywood that I made myself also. The seats are a lot stronger than the last ones that I made. But squaring them up has proven to be a little bit difficult. This is because I made the plywood out of 1mm thick veneers. I had to edge glue 2 pieces together to give the width that I needed. But because nothing starts off square it's had to get it squared. But I think that I should be able to get them ready.

I have to thank my good friend Gregg Deal @ GSon Studios. He has helped me out to get my website up so that I can test out the waters and get some feedback. So right now it is up and linked through his site and company, here's the link:

Just copy and paste this link into you browser. I couldn't get it to become a active link.

So please let me know what you all think about it.

Last but defiantly not least, I received a very unexpected phone call this morning. Usually on Saturday morning my Mom calls to say hello and talk. So when the phone rang at about 10:00 am our time I thought nothing about it. So when I picked up the phone and heard is this Kaleo, I thought "I wonder who this is" Telemarketers never get my name right, so this person must know me. Well it was The Design Centre, the gallery that I have my Nalu stools at, informing that they had just sold a set of 4 stools and that they have a deposit and they need to be ready in 4-6 weeks.

So it's official, my first sale and now I am a furniture maker. Needless to say I am just over the moon about this. The people that bought them are from Melbourne. I still can't believe that someone picked my stool over the 5 other types of stools that are in there. I guess what it does is gives me hope for the future, which is coming up way to fast.

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