Saturday, May 5, 2007

A weekly thing

I've noticed this has become a weekly thing. I think that I might have burned myself out. Lately I haven't had a lot of energy for this project. I figured out that for every project that I have had so far, I was flat out for weeks getting it done. Last week was really hard, but this week has been better. I finalized design for my lounge chair, and did what always cheers me up. I started to cut wood.

I rough dimensioned all the wood I need for the chair. Rough because I'm using 38 mm stock or 1.5 inch stock. So I just cleaned all the surfaces and squared up the timber. This is so that I can let the timber sit for a couple of days and do all the moving that it wants, and them I can mill it down to final dimension after.

I've decided to use Tasmania Blackwood for the chair. I have a really nice bit of Brazil an Walnut that I wanted to use. Because I really want a nice dark timber. But I just don't have enough to do the chair. And Blackwood is the darkest timber that they have here in Tasmania. It's a beautiful wood, but I might have to stain it to the color that I want.

Sorry about the lack of pictures, but I haven't had anything really to photograph yet. I am only suppose to have the next 2 weeks to built this chair. But at the rate that I am going right now I'll have to use the extra couple of weeks before the exhibition to finish the chair and the ottoman that I plan to build.

So wish me luck!!

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