Thursday, April 5, 2007

Gallery News..

Well I just got off the phone with The Design Centre. They are a local yet nationally known fine furniture gallery here in Launceston. And Rye the retail manager of the gallery told me that he is very interested in displaying my stools on the floor. He has to wait for about a week when he will have the floor space. But he seems keen on the fact that they nothing like it in the gallery. So I have to get them shined up and ready for there debut hopefully next week, if not on the following Monday.

There web address is

So check them out. I hope they do well. I am ready to make a few sets. Really I'm just ready to make some money. We will see.

As many of you can see, I added a counter on this site. I have always wondered how many people were or are reading my story. So to all of you that check me out, I just want to say thanks. I really enjoy writing this and sharing my thoughts and ideas with those that read. If you have anything that you would like me to write about or questions you might like answered let me know. I think that would make for interesting reading. Leave me a comment or email me at


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