Sunday, March 11, 2007

Who says there's no evolution...

Well this past week was a really good week. It ended with some final design decisions on the Cantilever Stool. I guess at the moment that is what I am calling. Only because I have yet thought of a better name. But as soon as I do I will rename it. This stool has evolved from a stool with arms and a back, to a chair and then back to a stool without the arms and back. As my instructor said it, " your design has evolved more than any other in the group." He's told me that I have bitten off the biggest bit in the class, by attempting to build seating in this unit. So I took that as a compliment since he really likes my design.

I guess some of the major changes that have about about are: I have raised the seat to about 610 mm which translates to about 24 inch's. The stool is a kitchen stool rather than a bar stool. I also shortened the width of the stool from 440 mm to about 410mm. I know that doesn't sound like much but that about 1 1/2 inches. I also had to add a foot rest. This was the hardest thing for me to do. Because to this point I have been resisting doing this. I was resisting more for designs sake than anything else. But once I made a full size prototype, and saw that the stool racks from side to side alot, I knew that I needed something that would stabilize it. Once I added the foot rest all the rack disappeared. Which is really good, because I think that this stool visually give you the appearance that it will not be stable. So the last thing that I need is for not to be. But now it is solid as a rock.

But being the minimalist that I have become, by adding one thing I had to get rid of something. So the bottom back foot bar, that ran between and connected the bottom feet at the back is now gone. Which from a design aspect is great. Because that bar across the floor really grounded the piece and made it look really heavy. I have also decided to make a special bracket that connects the slats to the seat, but gives the impression that the seat or slats are floating above the frame.

So starting tomorrow I have until Thursday of the following week to produce at least 3 of these stools. My goal is to make a set of 4 of them. And also to try to make one other one in a different timber so one can see them in different timbers. So I hope to get them all done. I am rather confident that I will get at least the 3 stools done. But wish me luck anyways. I'll post some progression pictures during the week when they become available. I am heading down to Hobart ( the capital of Tasmania) this upcoming weekend for the regional wood show. I'll let you all know how that goes also. So until then, from the inspired words of one of my classmates, " I made it alittle bit bigger, or it will be to small." So simple, why didn't I think of that.

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