Friday, March 23, 2007

Production '07

So today was the exhibition and it went really well. There is so much work involved
behind the senses to pull something like this off. This last week has been crazy. I finished my stools on Tuesday. Then I spent all day Wednesday painting the stands for every ones stuff. Thursday I spent part of the day finishing the painting, and the other part of the day doing our assessment presentation. Friday morning or this morning was spent setting up the lights and laying out the floor plan and getting everything together. And being 1 of 3 students that were completely done, I gave a hand to get all this done.

So it all went really well. I've decided to call my stools "Nalu" which is the Hawaiian word for wave. I named it that because for the shape of the seat. But also for the fact that the ocean is strong yet full of mystery. I think my stool is the same in that fact. Very strong but full of mystery. People really responded to my stools. Everyone stopped and looked and tried to understand how it works. It was good to get real feedback from people other than other furniture buffs. Just your everyday person telling me what they think about my design and building.

So here are some pictures of my display. I will post pictures of other students work once I ask them if it is ok.

The television station never showed up. But the local newspaper did, and they only took one picture and that was of me and my stools. So we'll see if I make the paper tomorrow. If so I will scan in the picture and the story later.

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