Thursday, January 11, 2007

Isn't this break over yet?

I have to admit I thought that I coould make it through this break. But man it has already been a really long break. Of course it started early in December. But it started great with the trip to New Zealand, then there was Christmas and New Years. But now it's just plan boring. I looked for some work. I appliked for anything even fast food. But nothing came about. The only thing that seemed like there could be some hope was fruit picking. But that required either a car to get there or a long bus trip or a ride. But that didn't pan out either. Can you believe that with skills like these that I couldn't find any work.

I finally got a call from a former student from the school, asking if I could give him a hand with a public art project thta he was doing. So I got about 2 days of workk out of it. He paid me 15 an hour cash. But it got me out of the house and out of Jana's hair. I have disrupted her and Kai's schudule. Then after that I spoke to our teaching assistant, that is backk at work. I asked if it would bother him if I came in to the shop and muck around for awhile. He said that it would be fine as long as I didn't tell the other students, because he didn't want all of us in.

So then I spent the next few days cleaning up my new bench area and getting everything organized. Then I decided to build a tool chest. Nothing worth bragging about. Just a cabinet made of MDF, just to hold all my hand tools and some of my markking devices and sandpaper and some router bits.

School doesn't start officially until the 29th of January. And out first guest lecturer doesn't come until 19th of Febuary. So there still is awhile to wait to really get this year started.

I'll check in again with all of you later.

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