Friday, November 2, 2007

A Nice Relaxing Week...

Well this has been a great week. Nothing is due and there were no pressures, it was really nice. I went into the shop on Monday and took a quick video of the unit. Which you all have now seen. I promptly went home, because I could. Then on Tuesday I decided that I should do some work and started to veneer the rest of the parts that I need for my Unit. That didn't take to long, so I looked into my timber rack and noticed that I had some Peruvian walnut left. I also had a few boards of maple. So I decided to make another Wrapped table. Only this time I did a few things different. Instead of cutting hand cut dovetails I cut miters and keyed them. Thinking that this little table might become a production item. So I want to see how fast I can make these. So this new version took me 8 hours. I know I could have done it faster, but I indulged myself and did some hand planing.

With that said, I spent about an hour this week tuning up my hand plane. I had to regrind a new primary angle. Then I put the secondary bevel on it at 30 degrees. Put the blade back into the plane and adjusted everything. Set the blade to a really fine cut and adjusted the mouth. Then I proceeded to use this baby, man did it work beautifully. I forgot how much I love to use hand tools.

Well I had the rest of my pieces professionally photographed today. So I should get those pictures by Tuesday next week. Then I will show you all the new table and the professional photos of "The Unit".

So until then... you scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice cream.

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