Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Progess on the entertainment center...

So what's happening with the current project. Well it's been a good couple of days. I spent Monday fixing a mistake that I made so that frustrated me to know end. But yesterday and today were really good days.

Yesterday I cut all the joinery for the piece. I used the Domino machine and cut everything that I needed. So I was able to dry fit the carcass and the dividers together. This thing is massive looking. Well it is just massive. 2 meters long, that's around 6 and half feet long. It's 600 mm tall, that's about 2 feet and it's 500 mm deep, which is about 20 inches. So this thing is big and I like it.

Today I got all the veneer ready for the doors. I used a really sweet fiddle back blackwood. The color of the veneer should be a little different to the rest of the piece. Thus letting the doors just stand out. I hope it works. I also cut all the grooves for the doors to slide in.

So the goal for tomorrow is to get this baby glued up. Also I hope to get the doors veneered up. And then it's veneer the rest of the inner cabinet parts and putting those together. So I hope to have all that done by Saturday. Since for the first time this year the school is going to be open on Saturday. But we all need the extra time.

So until next time... beam me up Scottie, there's no intellgent life here.

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