Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Couldn't stay away

Well even though I have the week off I couldn't stay away from the shop. But this time I took my son with me. He loves coming down and visiting me when I am working. And every time he comes over he wants to build something. He usually says "Dad let's build a truck". So yesterday we both went in together and spent alittle time with some scrap pieces of Pine and some glue and a drill. He loves to go into the machine shop. I think it's because he gets to wear ear and eye protection. But we went in to use the chop saw and the sander.

We made the frame of the truck and them I found an old toy truck that was broken and put the wheels from it onto the new truck. Don't worry toy making world this is as far as I ever see myself going down that road. As if you all were really worried in the first place.

Until next time... from the mouth of babes comes this quote "Dad, Do it"

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