Thursday, August 30, 2007

Introducing.... Well I don't know what to call it.

I spent this weekend just mad with hay fever. Down here in the southern hemisphere we are entering spring. And all the flowers are blooming and the weather is getting really nice. But man was I out of it this weekend.

So I started to think what I wanted to do this week. Our guest lecturer is now gone. I finished my project what was I going to do. I received a request from my mother in law for a piece of furniture. She specifically said a stool or a chair. But I don't have the time for either of those at the moment. But the request also came with the desire for said item to be made with a Tasmanian timber. So I thought about what wood I had left in my personal stash. I had a really nice piece of Huon Pine.

So I set out to build a hall or sofa table. Why, because they can be done pretty fast. My design once again was a simple one. It actually carries on from my little cabinet table. Two frames for legs and a top that runs through those frames. Well here it is:

The top is Huon Pine. And it was really that wide. It's one solid piece that is about 1200 mm long by 300 mm and 20 mm thick. Which translates to those that don't speak metric about 4 feet long by 12 inches wide by 3/4 of an inch thick. The frame legs are made from Peruvian Walnut. It's a beautifully dark timber and really nice to work. If you can see in the pictures the design is very simple. The frames are all hand cut dovetailed together. And there is a rail that runs in the same directions as the top and bottom, under the top. Now I know what some of you might say, " Man I bet that this racks or wobbles?" Well I have attached the Huon Top to the frames with slotted screw, as to allow for the wood movement. The top acts as it's on rail and stabilizes the table. I have to say that I am really stoked about this little table. All said and done it took 10 hours to make. Which I think is really good. Especially with hand cut dovetails.

Anyways, I haven't thought of a name for this table yet. If you have any suggestions let me know. Next week is Uni break week. So I don't think I will be doing much at the shop. Just playing with the boy and wife and relaxing alittle.

So until next time all... I can't hear you because I'm to busy working.

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wanders said...

Nice table, Kaleo. Suggesting a name would be well beyond my capacities. It makes me think of a plank on a pirate ship, though. Although much classier, and not as deadly.