Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Feature

Well this isn't really a new feature, more like something I finally did. If you haven't noticed already, I went through and labeled my videos. And now there is a easy button on the side menu that you can push to see all the videos that have been posted here.

I know that I have promised some other videos, and they are in the works. I hope to have a good one up tomorrow.

Other than that we are off to Hobart on Thursday for the exhibition. We are going to make a weekend of it and stay down there and have alittle break. I was just asked today to be in another exhibition next week, so my stools are going to be there also. And then Next Wednesday night the at the school we are having another exhibition for the mirrors (made by the first years) and the chairs made by us second years. A few of us second years have been informed that we might need to supply the exhibition with a few of our mirrors. Because a few of the first years have not yet finished there. And you don't want it to look empty. I'll take some pictures and post them soon.

Until then.. remember that my mom gave me Milo to grow and grow and grow...

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