Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The next big thing...

Well first of all I need to say sorry for having not updated my blog for awhile. There really hasn't been much to report on. Although we are back at school, our lecturer doesn't show up until Monday. So the last few weeks have not been to exciting.

The Lumber Jocks online contest came and went, and sadly to be reporting to you that I did not even place. Needless to say there were days of crying and gnashing of teeth. But I am finally over it and am ready to start making some more furniture. So THE NEXT BIG THING.... What could it be??

I have been spending these last 3 weeks designing a piece that is for what we call our production unit. A piece that can be reproduced rapidly. And I have come up with something that is going to blow your minds. It is a..... ( wait for it ) bar stool. That's right can you believe it. I bet you weren't expecting that.

Anyways at this point I have been doing a lot of drawing. Right now I am getting ready to mock it up to see what it will look like and make some final design decisions. Sorry I have no photos of this yet. But needless to say they will be something that you have never seen before. My goal with this production unit was to come up with something that if someone wanted to by it, they would have to buy more than 1 of them. Nobody buys one bar stool for there kitchen counter, they buy 3 or 4.

But today I took a break from mocking up this stool, to think of THE NEXT NEXT BIG THING.... (your thinking what could it be this time) here we are:

That's right Chopsticks. I had an idea today to make a set of chopstick. So the first ones that I did I tried to turn on the lathe, lets just end this part of the blog right here. And never talk about it again.

The second set, I developed a jig to hold the wood and then pass them through the spindle moulder ( for you in the states it's called a shaper ). Thus allowing me to make hundreds of these things in a matter of a couple of hours. Then I thought that I needed a way to hold them together. So I fashioned a piece that has a small groove cut out of the back. Thus the set of chopsticks slide up and because of the taper in the shape on the sticks they wedge themselves against the sides of the groove. The holder also becomes a place to set your sticks at the table.

I am going to take these to a couple of the tourist shops around town here and feel out the market. I think that they would sell, especially if I ask like 20-30 bucks for them. This allows the gallery to make it up alittle bit more. I'll will let you all know how things go with them.

Well until next time my friends, Happy Valentine's Day. Give that loved one in your life a special set of Kaleo's chopsticks. Nothing says I Love You better.


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Anonymous said...

Where do I place my order for the chopsticks? Get down to the design centre today. What did you make them out of? Huon pine and Jarrah? Looking forward to seeing the bar stool.


Chris J