Friday, February 23, 2007

Here are some pictures

I know I posted yesterday, but I finished the prototype today. Mainly I wanted to test the strength of the finger joint at the bottom. So I really have done all the thing to this that I wanted to. But this was just to let me know if it was possible.

But as designs evolve, this one has already. The problem that I am finding is with the back and arm rest. I've been moving the seat up and down and have finally found the best seat to armrest ratio. But the problem is that the stool is getting to low. And when you sit towards the front, your feet touch the ground, and it's like your in a stool. But when you push back and sit against the back rest, your feet come off the ground and it gets uncomfortable.

So what's happening now is that this stool is becoming a chair. And I'm not sure that I want it to become a chair. So I am going to spend some time this weekend and redesign. I have a good idea for both a chair and a stool. But the one thing that will remain both will have slats. The chair would not be a dining chair, it would be more of a lounge chair. But you wouldn't normally think that a lounge chair would have slats. But what I plan to do is apply leather to each slat. I think that I will do this to which ever design I end up going with.

The best part so far of this project it that even though I will only get to make one of the design, at the end of it I will have 3 fully resolved and possible design. Anyway I will post soon whatever it is that I decide to do. Have a great weekend all.

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Anonymous said...


Looking like a good bar stool to me. One you can't fall back in. Very important after too many Cascades!

Looks like you got Tracey Gumms old spot.


Chris J